Account funding

How to fund your account -
nothing to it

There are 2 methods you can use for the purpose of funding your account.

    1. Credit Card Gateway

  • Click “Deposit Link” in the top menu;
  • Choose the account ID you want to fund;
  • Select the withdraw option of your preference from eithera Credit Card or Wire Transfer, and your request’s full amount.

    2. Wire Transfer

  • State your full name, as written in yourfoptrade account, and trading ID;
  • Contact us directly for the purpose of making us aware of the transfer;
  • Once the funds are in our account, we will manually fund your trading account to the same value we have received, upon which you will receive a notification from us, saying that the process has been completed.

Note: deposits via wire transfer are neither automatic nor immediate; we have to confirm that the funds have cleared prior to funding your account whose currency is predetermined; the moment the funds become available in your trading account, you will be able to see them and use them.


34777.76 0.58%


130.21 -0.49%


23.92 -0.17%


47.61 1.02%


65.44 0.31%

Invest Responsibly:
Trading CFDs involves significant risks.

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