Equity trading used to be an offline activity. Lately, however, owing to the development of the web, it’s been present online as well.foptrade allows for easy access to equity markets, and thanks to our MT4 platform, you are now in a position to have more control than ever over your equity trading activities.

The Benefits of
Foptrade’s Equity Trading

  • Competitive Pricing;
  • Professional around-the-clock trading support.

(1) Trading commences each Sunday at 22:00 GMT and closes on Friday at 22:00 GMT. Opening market orders and placing orders during the daily break is not possible.

(2) Due to low liquidity in global markets, between 23:00 GMT and 24:00 GMT, spreads for Gold, Silver, and Oil might be widened.

Please note that the company may change its overnight rollover rates from time to time as a result of changes in credit markets.

Also note: the MT4 platform calculates overnight rollover at 21:00 GMT and the rollover charge/credit is debited or credited to and from the trading account. On Wednesday at 21:00 GMT, overnight rollover fees are multiplied by three (x3) in order to compensate for the upcoming weekend.


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Invest Responsibly:
Trading CFDs involves significant risks.

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